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This similarity opened a door for understanding. By comparing her writing to a child, Bradstreet is able to win the compassion of her readers and help them understand the feelings that she experiences.

The Author to her Book: An Annotation of Bradstreet Essay

Bradstreet sees herself as the "mother" line 23 of this work, which she calls an "ill-formed offspring" line 1. She gives the work many human characteristics to enhance the effect of the conceit. Continue reading this essay Continue reading.

Anne Bradstreet-An Author to her book

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Topics in Paper. Through use of a controlling metaphor, that of a child, Bradstreet manages to convey all of her feelings towards one of her works.

In order to introduce the controlling metaphor of The Author to Her Book, Bradstreet begins by using words that allude to the idea of birth. Within line one, Bradstreet uses the phrase "offspring of my feeble brain" to show the closeness that she ties between the work of an author and the authors themselves.

Since the word offspring conveys a powerful meaning - a strong bond between two, a parent and a child, it shows that Bradstreet's attitude towards her works is one where she perceives that same bond. The second line of the poem consists of the phrase "who after birth did'st by my side remain," showing another connection to the controlling metaphor of the poem - birth and yet again shows the close connection between an author and their work.

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The chosen metrical line is, thus, used to achieve the soothing effect of rocking a baby: to ease the worries and to calm down. The author is, thus, calming herself down as she feels exposed and not safe as the book was published unfinished. Besides, she feels betrayed as her friends did not ask her permission before sending the book for publishing. The child here is a metaphor that reflects her emotional bond and responsibility for her poetry. If someone had to provide a book critique, it would mean that the author would be criticized. Lines

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