Determining boy or girl with string and paper clip

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You will need roughly 10 to 12 inches. Have the expectant mother lie down on her back.

Choose a comfortable place like a couch or bed - not a hard floor. Let the ring hang an inch or two directly over her belly.

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Move the string gently to create momentum for the ring. Once the ring begins moving, keep your end of the string still.

5 Ways to Predict Your Babys Gender CafeMom

Observe the movement of the ring as it sways. If it moves in a circular motion, the baby is believed to be a boy.

If it swings in a straight, back and forth motion like a pendulum, this suggests that the mom-to-be is having a girl. If a ring is not available for this test, you might also use a pencil, paperclip or any other small and lightweigh object.

This test should be performed only for entertainment. One of the most interesting aspects of the pencil test for baby gender is the range of predictions the test claims to be able to make. While most old wives' tales only claim to be able to predict the gender of a baby for a woman who is already pregnant, the baby gender pencil test supposedly predicts the birth history for a woman who has already had children.

How to Check the Gender of a Baby With a Ring and a String

If you're curious, you may want to perform your own experiment by seeing how accurate the test is for your friends and family members who are done having children. The baby gender pencil test is also supposed to be able to predict the fertility of a woman who is not pregnant but wants to have children in the future.

Some people claim the test will work on men as well, but you may have a bit more trouble convincing the men in your life to volunteer for such an experiment.