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My dream is to become a doctor. Hope, wish, fantasy…. Dream job About medical doctor. Awesome I like your ambition.

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Why I Want to Become a Doctor Essay Sample

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Many people want to become a successful engineer some like to become pilot some like to work in IT fields and much more ambition is been headed by the people as also there is an ambition in me to become a doctor in my life as the life of the doctor is a noble life. The doctor is the person who saves the lives of many people and they also help many people who are feeling sick cure many diseases and do the treatment of them. It has been said that the service of the doctor is the valuable service to suffering humanity as saving a life is a great job any doctor is doing it and is worth it.

If the person is in any is in the serious problem or in diseased they go to the doctor and hope for the treatment from the doctor and a doctor is a person who gives hope and the joy to the people. To become a doctor it is very hard and not a very easy task but it is my ambition to become a doctor and treat many people and when I will become a doctor I will be very kind to the poor and the need people who are not able to get their treatment I will help them without taking any charges from them as helping the people will be my duty and practice that I will do mostly when I become a doctor.

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There is a long journey and to do many studies and experiments to become a doctor but I have a confidence in me that I will finish my target and achieve my ambition and reach my goal. When I achieve my ambition in future I want to be a successful doctor as in India we can see that there are many villages who are facing many problems and there are less trained doctors in our areas and being an Indian citizen it is our responsibility to solve the problems as there are many problems like sanitation and the pollution because of this many people get diseased and it is in the hands of the doctor to cure it.

When I will become a doctor I will open my own clinic in a village where there is the shortage of doctors and help the people and give them medicines and treatment and I will try to give these things in less charge as they could be able to get their treatment easily.