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They worked on a record together in February that month, but the material remains unreleased. Cuomo has made cameos in a number of music videos. Cuomo featured on the song "Magic", on B.

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B's debut album B. In a May interview with HitQuarters, producer-songwriter Lucas Secon confirmed that he had recently worked with Cuomo on both a Steve Aoki single and "some Weezer stuff.

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In , Cuomo collaborated with Japanese singer Hitomi for her first independent album Spirit , in the duet "Rollin' with da Homies", co-written by him. The album debuted at 1 on the iTunes Japan alternative charts. The album was released physically in Japan and digitally worldwide through iTunes. The pilot was not picked up. Appearing on the Song Exploder podcast in , Cuomo explained the process he used to write albums such as Weezer's White Album He maintains Spotify playlists of music with "cool" chord progressions that he uses to find musical inspiration.

He sometimes uses piano to write vocal melodies his vocal muscles would be "too lazy" to create. Conversely, he improvises vocal melodies to write guitar solos, to avoid guitar habits and create solos "you can sing along to" with "space in [them] because I have to breathe". To write lyrics, Cuomo writes stream-of-consciousness thoughts in his journal, then highlights interesting lines and adds them to a spreadsheet of potential lyrics organized by number of syllables and strong-weak emphasis.

When he comes to write a song, he finds lines that fit the melody and assembles them in a way that suggests a story. He rarely uses profanity in his lyrics, as "Weezer came up at a time when Jane's Addiction released Nothing's Shocking — everyone was trying to be controversial. We looked back to rock and roll's pre-drug days — to the clean images of the Beach Boys — that felt, ironically, rebellious.

Cuomo credited the Beach Boys as a major influence on his early songwriting, and told Upset magazine:. Cuomo took it upon himself to become a student of rock and pop music and in the late 90s, Cuomo created "The Encyclopedia of Pop" for himself, a three-ring binder which broke down the mechanics of pop and rock songs featuring songs by Nirvana, Green Day and Oasis In , he said his biggest recent inspiration had been Eminem, praising his "creativity, passion, inventiveness, and playfulness.

Cuomo took a vow of sexual abstinence from until his marriage in Rivers met Ito in the audience during the performance of his solo concert in Boston. He proposed to her in Tokyo shortly before Christmas The couple have a daughter, Mia, who was born in May and a son, Leo, who was born in Cuomo was born with his left leg 44mm shorter than his right. After the success of The Blue Album , Cuomo underwent the Ilizarov procedure to correct the condition.

This involved the surgical breaking of the bone in his leg, followed by several months of wearing a steel brace which required self-administered "stretching" of the leg four times daily; Cuomo likened the ordeal to "crucifying [his] leg. On December 6, , Cuomo was in his tour bus driving to Boston from Toronto with his family and assistant when the bus hit an icy road in Glen, New York and crashed.

He suffered cracked ribs and internal bleeding.

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Due to this accident, Weezer canceled the rest of the tour dates, planning to reschedule them the following year. The band made its return to the stage on January 20, , performing at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Cuomo has followed a vegetarian diet throughout his life, having been raised a vegetarian. However, in , he told an interviewer that he might like to start eating meat regularly and claimed to have done so in the past, eating "some kind of barbecued beef in Tokyo. Cuomo practices Vipassana meditation and was a student of S.

As of mid he also teaches children's meditation as taught by S. Cuomo helped acquire music rights and provided financial support to a documentary titled The Dhamma Brothers about Vipassana meditation being instituted in an Alabama state prison. Cuomo is a soccer fan. The video for "Lover in the Snow", from the Alone album, deals with this game and his love of soccer.

Updated on Jan 07, Like Comment Share. Contents B o b magic ft rivers cuomo official music video Weezer s rivers cuomo singing japanese song 6 6 12 at the roxy Early life Weezer Other projects Artistry Influences Personal life Discography References Raised in an ashram in Connecticut, Cuomo moved to Los Angeles at 18, where he played in several rock bands before founding Weezer in Weezer s rivers cuomo singing japanese song 6 6 12 at the roxy.

Other projects During Weezer's hiatus after the release of Pinkerton , Cuomo formed Homie, and performed what he called "goofball songs" for his "country band".

How Pinkerton Defined Weezer

Artistry Appearing on the Song Exploder podcast in , Cuomo explained the process he used to write albums such as Weezer's White Album Los tigres del desierto. Hayley McFarland. For some converts, chastity simply means avoiding premarital sex. For others, it means disavowing everything from premarital sex to passionate kissing. When Rivers Cuomo dated a beautiful girl in , he wondered what exactly they could do when he finally brought her home with him.

Like a student reciting a rhyme, Eden can sing off exactly how her progressions towards different levels of chastity have unfolded.

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Just under a year ago was the last time I got very sexually excited, with clothes on, with a man. Eden believes that people are becoming more receptive to those who choose chastity, not least because they're discovering that the post-feminist world they inherited is not living up to expectations. Ask around and people easily identify with the melancholy picture Eden has painted of modern life.

It seems very base. Whereas I find I can talk to whoever and develop normal relationships. O'Donovan knows about 20 other Baha'is of around his age based in Cork. While his non-religious acquaintances think marriage is for year-olds, many of his Baha'i friends, even those younger than him, are already married. It's hardly surprising given the rules by which they must abide. Even Rivers Cuomo, who had once viewed marriage as "as undesirably permanent as a tattoo", soon began to revise his opinion.

On June 18th, Cuomo married Kyoko Ito, a woman he'd known since He has presumably spent the time since rediscovering the joys of other parts of the body besides the elbow. Since every line of Eden's book is shaped and shadowed by her intense desire to marry, it seems almost cruel to ask her what will happen if she doesn't ever find the right person. But she is surprisingly stoic about the prospect.

I'm getting happier. So, as depressing as it may be to think of another five years, or a lifetime, of not being married, the depression is only in me in the fear. Actually living out a chaste lifestyle indefinitely is not sad.

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I'm accomplishing so much with my life that I didn't think I'd be able to accomplish. Choosing chastity Wed, Jul 19, , So year-old Cuomo made a decision. That was three years ago. More from The Irish Times Film. TV, Radio, Web.

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