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There are several categories of transitions, including words and phrases that signal contrasts and agreement. This article presents both common transitions and commonly misused transitions, along with examples.

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The most important thing I can emphasize here is to always be aware of the definition of any word or phrase you use. Easily one of the most commonly misused linking words, therefore indicates a logical relationship between two things: the first idea proves or necessitates the second idea. Law firms are known for their highly competitive environments.

Therefore , it is important for lawyers to set themselves apart from their colleagues.

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However, the fact that people know of the highly competitive environment is more or less irrelevant to the reasons lawyers set themselves apart from each other. Law firms are highly competitive environments.

Explanation : Here, the logical connection is drawn between law firms being highly competitive environments and lawyers needing to set themselves apart from each other. These are all examples of transition words that are not commonly used in academic writing. While these transitions are sometimes included in technical definitions in legal documents, they typically sound archaic when used in other contexts.

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One of the best ways to understand poverty is as a disease. Taking the spot in the beginning of the research, the abstract is basically the first description of your work read by the target audience.

In other words, a dissertation abstract is your opportunity to set the right word flow and accurate expectations. Your task in the abstract is to summarize the whole thesis in few sentences, as well as present the major elements of the work being discussed after it.


Scholarly Writing: Words and Phrases to Avoid in Your Dissertation

Together with the title of the dissertation, the abstract stands in the form of an announcement of a particular research or examination, aiming to give the reader an idea as to what they should expect from the remaining of your paper. But, do not see the abstract as an introduction — there is an actual introduction that follows after it. Your abstract is a preamble or preface that prepares the reader for the entire paper, not just its body paragraphs or research.

Generally speaking, the dissertation abstract consists of one or more sentences that summarize the paper's chapters.

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This will mostly have been written in the future tense, because you have not yet done the research. It is perfectly OK to use some of the text from your Research proposal in your dissertation, but you should change it from the future tense to the past tense. Use it throughout the Literature Review when you are discussing earlier, or previous, research.

In your Methodology Chapter , you may also be using text you have already written in your Research Proposal.

Remember to change it from the future tense to the past tense, because you will have carried out the research by now, and so it is in the past. The same thing applies to your Results and Analysis Chapter. Most of it should be written in the past tense, although if you are commenting on the results, it is OK to use the present tense. In your Conclusions, Limitations and Recommendations for further research Chapter , your Conclusions and Limitations will generally be in the past tense.

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